“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

- Lao Tzu

About my growth journey

I realized that the path I was walking on, was not meant for me any longer, so I adjusted my direction.

My conscious growth journey started when I was about 13 years old, going through a family trauma.

I could just not make any sense out of the world, my life, the situation, the people around me and their behaviors. Oftentimes, I wished to have a mentor or companion to discuss what was going on inside of me to gain a profound understanding about life and how it works.

Silently, I questioned everything around me, and I just could not accept deep down in my being that I am powerless about this situation. I wanted to find answers to my questions, and I embarked on my personal growth journey by taking over full responsibility for my life experience.

Fast forward, it took nearly 20 years until I had an awakening and realized that my life purpose is about growing, focusing on raising my level of consciousness and support others to do the same.

There is no bigger joy in my life than witnessing people to break free from limiting beliefs, overcoming fear and move step by step towards authentic empowerment to express their unique gift in this world and be in full bloom.

This is my calling and my key to the life I love living!

I will consciously and continuously raise my own consciousness and support you to accelerate your personal and spiritual development.

Being the companion on your life journey, the companion I would have wished for in my life.

A companion who challenges, inspires and supports you on your own journey to a higher level of consciousness to maximize your unique life experience. A companion who is not judging you, your past mistakes or your shortcomings but cheers for you and celebrates every step you take out of your box.

Let’s enjoy conscious growth together!

Some background facts

  • Lived in 5 different countries: Switzerland, Spain, Austria, China, Portugal
  • Master’s degree in Banking & Finance
  • Worked 5 years in multiple functions and countries for a Swiss Multinational
  • Successful completion of a global high-potential program within the Swiss Multinational. For more information on my professional career, visit me on Linkedin
  • Former member of the Synchronized Skating Swiss National Team
  • Speaks CH-German, German and English fluently. A little Spanish and Chinese
  • Fulfilled a lifelong dream of sailing the Pacific Ocean for 3 months
  • Daily meditation and gratitude practitioner
  • Godmother of a cute Chinese boy – see picture 😊
  • Loves…
    people, nature, tech, spirituality, life, inspiration, innovation, sharing, a healthy lifestyle, travel, retreats, exploring, animals, sports, meditation, journaling, reading, reflecting and deep conversations.
  • Core Values…
    Growth, freedom, love, joy, wisdom, connection and gratitude