A beautiful mind

A beautiful mind

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Back in my teenage years where I started my quest, my mind was basically everything I had. I sensed that I can make use of it to change my life for the better, that is why it was crucial for me to get a deeper understanding about how the mind works and especially my own mind. I realized that our mind is indeed very powerful, but there is very little known about it.

I want to share some of the key insights I discovered.

For a long time, I believed that our mind is simply our mind. For me that meant that my mind is my thoughts. And then, my translation was I need to work on my intellect and have a good education. At the age of 18 or so I came across positive thinking and visualization. Later, I discovered meditation for me, and so on. Step by step I gained a deeper understanding about my mind and I like the saying from Lao Tzu because I experienced it many times in my life:

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Personal development became my passion.

It took quite a while to come to the point where I am now, daring to express myself and living my purpose, sharing with the world what I learned on my journey

I uncovered that there are different levels of our mind, the identity or spiritual mind, the mental mind, the emotional mind and the physical conscious mind. You can also refer to it as our energy bodies.

Our identity is the highest level of our mind and sets the boundaries for all levels below, as it is here where our sense of identity is anchored. It explains how we see the world, ourselves and life itself. The mental mind is the level of thought, and they are formed through our sense of identity. If I believe I am a powerless being, I will have thoughts in accordance with this sense of identity like I am not enough, life is unfair, I am a victim, etc. then there follows the level of feelings, the emotional mind where you might feel inner tension and feelings like fear, anxiety, desperation in our example. All of this will trigger certain actions and reactions in the physical realm and most of the people are running on autopilot because we do not learn how to master this mental process in school as part of our curriculum. For many people the conscious mind just takes the impulses from the subconscious and without filtering puts it into action. Like a computer program: if this, than that…

Raising the level of consciousness means that I can make more and more conscious choices and that I am not running on autopilot driven by my past.

Long story short, I realized that this lifetime is about understanding my mind and bring the subconscious to my conscious mind to be able to choose what actions to take. Actions that are aligned with who I truly am

Becoming aware of my mental process, the beliefs and illusions I took on in the different levels of the mind and consciously choosing if I want to keep or dismiss them, that is mastering the mind for me.

This is what I mean by raising consciousness.

Stepping out of my boxes – one at the time.

If you are interested to learn more, follow me on social media or schedule a discovery call to work with me directly.

Your Fabienne

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