Creating lasting change

Creating lasting change

My tips for everyone who wants to grow and upgrade their life in a nutshell:

⁠⭐Take over responsibility for your life⁠
⭐Be 100% true and honest with yourself
⭐Assess and acknowledge your status quo⁠
⭐Get clarity on your vision⁠
⭐Find the real why behind your vision⁠
⭐Become aware of what you believe⁠
⭐Let go of limiting beliefs⁠
⭐Install empowering ones that support you
⭐Change to a new routine based on the new beliefs
⭐Experience the new identity and make it stick⁠
⭐Enjoy, appreciate and celebrate every single step⁠
⭐Love yourself for that courageous act to take over responsibility and upgrade your life⁠

If you are curious about the details, enjoy reading the entire post ⁠?⁠

Have you ever experienced this? ⁠
You want to grow, you make progress but when it gets tough you fall back into old patterns?⁠

It is easier to create lasting change when we are 100% honest with ourselves and consciously reflect on what we want to improve. Why? ⁠
First, for any change to be sustainable we must honestly assess and acknowledge the status quo.⁠ When we cheat on our starting point, we fail to set the right foundation to build upon. In sunny, happy times we might even be successful with this strategy, but when the first storm arrives, it needs a good foundation to provide the necessary stability. ⁠
Second, the more clarity you have about where you want to go and why, the easier it is to navigate towards it.

It is important to actively reflect on where and why we want to create lasting change in a certain area and bring it to our awareness. ⁠

Our mind is such a wonderful gift because we can change what we are aware of!
What a powerful tool we have been given!

What other factors are crucial to create lasting change?⁠⁠
Most of the time, a vision alone is nice to have but not sufficient. I mean who doesn’t want to be in shape, being healthy, look good, feel good, be successful, you can name it all. ⁠How come then, that for most people it stays a vision?⁠

They are not pulled by their vision, the underlying purpose, the spark has not yet been detected.
Most people need to push themselves into action to arrive where they want to go. You need tremendous willpower to push yourself every day to arrive at the destination.
Usually, it is a stressful and exhausting experience and most of the time it feels like a struggle. Even worse when it comes to the point where you lose your willpower, you fall back and you start blaming yourself, ending in deep frustration.⁠

So why not investing time and energy in finding out why you want it, why you want your vision to become a reality?

When you come to understand your deepest why you will not have motivation problems to start moving and also not to keep moving, you do not have to push anymore because you will be pulled by that vision. I am not talking about: “I just want to look good or I will earn more money if I get the promotion etc.”
I am referring to your deepest why “what is it that I really want to create or achieve in life?”⁠

My purpose is to raise consciousness, inspire people to step out of their boxes and fall in love with their own life. There is no greater joy for me than seeing that someone is growing and coming into authentic empowerment. ⁠This is why I founded Step out of your Box.

Now let’s even go further down the rabbit hole… ?⁠


It is one of my favourite part of all because it is so powerful.

As a growth catalyst, I love to challenge not only my own beliefs but also the beliefs of my clients. ⁠

What is a belief?
Belief = an acceptance that something exists or is true.

On our journey we take on many beliefs from our surroundings, our culture, parents, the circle of friends, school and so on. Many of these beliefs you never questioned so far, you accepted them unconsciously as true and absolute. ⁠

If you struggle in any area of life, I challenge you to reflect on your beliefs and ask yourself: are these truly my beliefs?

Mostly, we just accepted them at some point in our life as true because someone (usually someone that seemed to be superior) said so. A classic example is the “you should” and “you shouldn’t”.
How many times have you heard these words in your life? You should do that but you can´t do that. ⁠
When we ask why, the answer usually is “don’t question what I am saying”, “well, that is just how it is”, “you do what I tell you to do”.⁠

Becoming aware of what we believe is so powerful because your beliefs will define your reality.

Screen what is supporting your vision and which beliefs limit your growth. When you detect limiting ones, ask yourself where this belief might be coming from. ⁠From your parents? From your teachers? From your culture? From your partner? Or is it really your own belief?⁠

What I experienced throughout my growth journey is that as soon as I see that a certain belief is not coming from me and how much it held me back, kept me trapped in a box or how much it impacted my life – BOOM, I can let it go.

So, what happens exactly when you come to realize with your conscious mind, that a certain belief is actually no longer your truth? ⁠
You stop identifying yourself with it!⁠
You can see it for what it is, a belief, something you accepted to be true in the past but you updated your truth right there and it is no longer a part of your identity⁠.


By letting the old belief go, you created a new truth for yourself. ⁠
Only now, you will no longer need to fully rely on your tremendous willpower to overcome that negative pattern because it is not your identity anymore. ⁠

Make sure though, to take the necessary step to make it easier for your new identity to get started, that is:⁠⁠
Provide an alternative to the old pattern!!! ?⁠
Yes, sometimes it can be so easy ?⁠
If there is no alternative to the old pattern available… well… you obviously enjoy riding rollercoasters ?⁠

So make sure you have a new routine in place that supports you along the way! ⁠
Feel, appreciate, and love your new identity for a minute or two. Just enjoy… ⁠

Maybe you will notice a posture change.⁠
Save that feeling and posture, make it stick.⁠
Thank yourself for being so courageous to dive into your inner being, getting to know yourself better and letting go of what limits you – that is what raising consciousness is all about.

? Step out of your box – enjoy conscious growth.⁠

Your Fabienne

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