Do you want to know a secret?

Do you want to know a secret?

One amazing catalyst for your personal development is…
brutal honesty towards yourself!

Let me share a simple fact with you:

We can only recognize in others what we have inside of us too
– desired or undesired
– conscious or subconscious.

It is not always so easy, to be honest with oneself, especially when it comes to our undesired traits.
Besides, it is also where we usually have our blind spots.

Let me share my secret tool that has worked wonders for me to uncover my desired and undesired blind spots:
? Welcome your surrounding to be a mirror for yourself.

Let me give you an example:
If we find something super inspiring about others, it is something that we have already inside of us and is probably not yet developed to the extent that we desire. So to speak, it is a dormant potential. 

On the other hand, if we find something utterly disturbing in others, it is something that we have inside of us too. Yet, it is suppressed, unresolved and is giving us quite a hard time in the inside as well as in the outside.

Your first reaction might be:
“Such a BS – I do not have this or that trait in my personality. For sure not that trait that I am judging so harshly about others.”

However, ponder it for a minute.

I mean how could you ever allow yourself to admit this?
At your current level of consciousness, in your status quo, you would need to judge yourself as harshly as you judge others with that trait…
Seems quite logical to me that inner resistance is your initial response.

The good news is, we have the power and the right to grow and transcend our status quo, there is no need to judge yourself for growing whatsoever. It is one of the basic forces in our life, namely the expanding one, the desire to become more and grow in self-awareness.

We can bring more of our dormant potential to life AND we can deal and transcend the suppressed, unresolved hang-ups in our minds.

I am intrigued by this simple fact combined with the self-observation technique which can truly shift mountains.

Let’s enjoy conscious growth!

Your Fabienne

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