Letting go is a superpower

Letting go is a superpower

What are you afraid to let go?
The “letting go” theme is currently very present with my clients and in my surroundings. So, I felt inspired to share my perspective on letting go.

? The ability to let go is a SUPERPOWER
In my personal experience letting go is not only the end of something ❌but rather the start of something new✅.

Many people associate loss with letting go and experience fear of negative long-term consequences.
? That is why so many of us hold onto a situation or mental state which is depriving our life energy.

I would like to share a different perspective:
When we cannot let go of something, what are we actually doing?
? Holding on!
And the essence of holding onto something is an unwillingness or fear to grow.
▶ We want to hold on to status quo.
? BUT the very essence of life is continuous growth?. So when we hold onto something, we resist life itself.
Our life energy will be restricted or even deprived.

? If we can let go, on the other hand, we align again with life itself and the continuous expansion of everything. We experience flow and ease.
? The security we need as human beings never lies in holding onto the status quo, but in the ongoing expansion and transcendence of our status quo.

The more we practice to let go of what no longer serves our journey, the easier it gets to realign with life itself.

Let go of what doesn’t serve you to free up space and energy to focus what you truly want in your life.

Let’s enjoy conscious growth together!

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