The Power Of Conscious Choices

The Power Of Conscious Choices

“When you choose unconsciously, you evolve unconsciously. When you choose consciously, you evolve consciously.”
– Fabienne Locher

In any case, you will evolve, the question is only how!

Do you want to evolve through conscious choices rather through the school of hard knocks? In my experience, life keeps teaching us the same lessons until we get it eventually.

When we:

  • ? experience similar hurtful situations repeatedly
  • ? always seem to work for a horrible boss
  • ? end up in the same kind of unhealthy relationships
  • ? experience unfair treatment regularly

…then, there is still a lesson for us available.

Usually, the story changes, but the underlying pattern remains the same. It is our personal choice of how we want to evolve. Choosing unconsciously oftentimes means hitting rock bottom at some point, or even recurringly. However, there is an alternative available. At any given moment in time, you can start to choose consciously and giving yourself permission to choose your best life possible.

Start with a simply rephrasing ?:

from “why is this happening to me?” to “what can I learn from it?”

Everything we experience is an opportunity for us to learn, align and adjust our direction. So ask yourself, do you make daily choices…

… in alignment of who you truly are?

… in alignment with your deepest soul’s desire?

… in alignment with the best life that you can possibly imagine for yourself?

Your daily choices towards your soul’s desire, this is what empowers you – no matter how small or big these choices are. It is the intention behind these choices that make them so powerful.

Do you remember a time in your life where you made choices in alignment with your deepest desires? How did that make you feel?

Oftentimes, we are prey to the belief that someone else can empower us. That something outside of us needs to give us permission, needs to give us the empowerment we are looking for.

I personally do not buy into this illusion. I truly believe that empowerment comes from within – we empower ourselves. We empower ourselves through our daily choices, through conscious choices in alignment with our deepest soul’s desires. We empower ourselves by reconnecting to everything we already are and allowing ourselves to become more conscious of our authentic power within.

Give yourself permission to be conscious.

Let’s enjoy conscious growth!

Your Fabienne

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