You are not your thoughts

You are not your thoughts

Honestly speaking, I pondered this question for a long time.

All great teachers are talking about this, that we are pure consciousness. Throughout my journey, I read this so many times from all kinds of masters. I did understand this with my linear mind but only when this understanding triggered an epiphany in me, I actually could grasp what this is all about.

There are many who never actually ponder such questions and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, if you want to truly grow it is worthwhile to spend some time to reflect on these questions.

Let me give you an example: If you believe you are your thoughts, all your growth efforts will be focused on your thinking apparatus, because that is what you believe you are. It is your identity and mostly we are not consciously aware of this as it resides in our subconsciousness. So imagine, with this identity, the only way for you to achieve growth is to invest in your thinking apparatus, trying to expand and perfect it.

This is also one of the behaviours I observe, namely the almost fanatic accumulation of outer knowledge, the urge to rationalize everything in the world and when the linear mind cannot understand it – well, then it simply doesn’t exist.

It is very obvious though, that it cannot be any other way because this is the prevailing identity of the person. Frankly speaking, I also had this identity installed for many many years. Outer knowledge and the rational mind can help us up to a certain point of our development journey but it is by far not entire story.

If you want to master your career, your life and especially your minds (yes, in the plural, I will get back to that in a future post), it can add tremendous value to deliberately reflect on these questions. Gaining a deeper understanding of who you are will open wonderful pathways for the ones who are willing to explore.

Gaining inner knowledge and adding it to your CV is a prerequisite to live your full potential.

So, back to the question…

Are you your thoughts?

No, you are not.

How do I know?

If you are your thoughts, how can you observe your thoughts?

If you are your thoughts, who is thinking them?

If you are your thoughts, how can you be aware of them?

It can simply not be done.

I know this is subtle to grasp, yet an incredible epiphany once it transforms itself from the pure understanding of the linear mind into an experience.

Step out of your box – Let´s enjoy conscious growth together!

Your Fabienne

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