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Each of our services can function independently, yet they are all interconnected components that complement each other to enhance their effectiveness.

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Individual Transformation

We have designed our unique methodology rooted in Torbert's Action Logic, Robert Kegan’s theory of adult development and catalyze vertical development with a transpersonal and a depth-psychological coaching approach. Through this process, we delve into understanding our predominant way of sense making and unveil hidden psychological patterns. By pinpointing and addressing limiting root causes directly, we catalyze the desired transformation.

Team Transformation

The methodology we deploy is based on individual transformation expanded by assessing current team reality and uncovering liberating and limiting team dynamics towards team alignment and excellence.

Organizational Transformation

We apply this amazing established methodology of “Conscious Change Leadership” and “The Change Leader's Roadmap” which is based upon it. It was developed and refined over the past four decades by our teachers and mentors Dean and Linda from Being First.
“Conscious Change Leadership is a comprehensive field of study and practice about human development and large systems transformation. It contains a vast knowledge base and innovative methods for evolving human systems and performance.”

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