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I sensed that there is more to life than a successful corporate career and seemingly having everything from an outside perspective.

I often reflected on the concept of success and what it means to me. And I am not talking about the programming and conditioning by society, culture, family or a community what success should look like, but what success is to me personally. By peeling off layer by layer, my answer revealed itself:

"Success is to live the life I love living".

What is growth?

To me, growth is not about perfecting any kind of box, but rather stepping out of it. By stepping out of our current box, we transcend the boundaries of the box and overcome our own limitations

We transcend the level of consciousness that made us believe that the boundaries of the box are real in the first place.



Get inspired and explore the dynamics of life and why it might be interesting for you to raise your level of consciousness.

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“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”

― Tony Robbins

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